New Business codes under the Income Tax

The income tax department of India has issued the new business codes under the Income-tax to be used for filing the returns. These codes are issued with the instruction available for filing the ITR-4 SUGAM. The codes have been distributed among the various major categories. The codes consist of 5 numerics which also indicates the parent category of the business. Following are the Major/parent business categories for the code:-

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Forestry
Fish Farming
Mining And Quarrying
Electricity, Gas, And Water
Real Estate And Renting Services
Renting Of Machinery
Wholesale And Retail Trade
Hotels, Restaurants And Hospitality Services
Transport & Logistics Services
Post And Telecommunication Services
Financial Intermediation Services
Computer And Related Services
Research And Development
Education Services
Health Care Services
Social And Community Work
Culture And Sport
Other Services
Extra-Territorial Organisations And Bodies

Download the Pdf: Business codes under the Income tax

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